Meditations and Orisons on Love~

Meditations and Orisons on Love~
From the Spirit of Athens, Reflections for every Follower of the Male

Let Your Brilliance Truly Shine!~

Let Your Brilliance Truly Shine!~
Gay Men Into Digital Photography~

Thursday, October 30, 2014

A Tutorial on Capturing the Best For the Lens~


  All things Photomasculine,
And the times and places
That bring men together.

 It starts by capturing the mood of what's a man~

...Then, the shyness fades away~


 Youthful enthusiasm, and also mature confidence~

Maturity provides ideal inducment for a young model~

 Then, the excitement shows freely for the Lensman!~

 There's the subtle stuff of the artists dream, as the image forms~



 Fine, small series of poses by the same model~

Monochrome---Still a Classic~

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