Meditations and Orisons on Love~

Meditations and Orisons on Love~
From the Spirit of Athens, Reflections for every Follower of the Male

Let Your Brilliance Truly Shine!~

Let Your Brilliance Truly Shine!~
Gay Men Into Digital Photography~

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Warm Weather Bucks, Doin' What's Natural: RAW!


  All things Photomasculine,
And the times and places
That bring men together.

 Reach for all that Sand 'n Sky!~

You know the weather's getting just right...
...And you need to let the pores breathe...
...Maybe time to tend your wheels...

...Or get something done downstaris...

...Take a photo break at lunch...

...Get a pal to help out with a great pic!~

Bright, warm days let you know it's time to shed the threads~

A little time along allows the lad for some virility on the veranda~

Pecs, Tats, Boner 'n Balls all basque under a Golden Sun~






  Remember, the Best Season's ahead~





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